2018 – society game

“Ciumbia!” is a society game on untranslatable words, born from the collaboration with the artist Anna Raimondo, during an artistic residency in Milan (May 2018) at Mercato Lorenteggio, with the association Dynamoscopio.
The game, actually a test produced in 3 copies.
The game consists of two decks of cards (one for the keywords and one for the illustrations of untranslatable words), a die, an hourglass and a package insert with the rules: the purpose is to guess as many as possible untranslatable words and associate the corresponding image.

Ideation: Anna Raimondo and Silvia Renda
Illustration and Design: Silvia Renda
ProductionDynamoscopio and Mare Culturale Urbano, Milano (Italy)
Project 64 Decibel with the support of support of Fondazione Cariplo.




During the residency, we researched on the linguistic identity of “Giambellino”, a multicultural neighborhood of Milan.
Through interviews, workshops and spontaneous conversations with the inhabitants we searched for some untranslatable words in their mother tongues or dialects. Then we conceived and designed the first version of the game.
In last June 2018, during one of the intercultural days at the Mercato Lorenteggio there was the first tournament of “Ciumbia”!
This occasion was useful to test the game and a playful pretext for discovering different languages and cultures!