7 March 2015

Silvia Renda is a research-oriented visual artist and graphic designer who use photography and design with an interdisciplinary approach.

Trough self-initiated projects, commissions, and collaborations she carries on her research on the identity and the self, and the sense of belonging, especially in relation with the territory (inner landscape, natural landscape, contemporary urban environment).

She is also founder, with Erica Volpini, of the upcoming studio Radial Radiant.
Radial Radiant is a multidisciplinary studio where graphic design (and more in general design) is the main house but is open to artistic research, education and support for artists.


Based in Barcelona
email: |  T: +34 684244247  | Instagram

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How we subjectively see and perceive our physical environment and how this vision contrast with the collective imaginary or with the imaginary which is imposed on us?

How our feeling of “home” works, also considering that our identity is constantly changing?

These are the questions that droved me in the last years.

While researching on the self and the territory, I consider both the “abstract” and the “concrete” aspect.
The abstract is the macro system, the invisible structure but also the desire, the ideal.
The concrete is the effect, the material, the physical, the ordinary, the surface but also the body.

Images and design (especially graphic design) are interdependent in my work as an artist and professional. As an artist working with photography, I consider it as a “fluid” medium. That means that I think to the artwork as the result of design work, in so far as an essential part of the process.

So far, I first explored the book form as artistic practice, using the editing and the materials (paper, printing techniques) to create meaning. I am currently working on widening my practice through installations, photographic sculptures, and objects between art and design.