Ogni dove – En principio era una isla
12 July 2019

Ogni dove – Al principio era una isla

Wherever – At the beginning, it was an island

2017-2019 ongoing

Mixed media: photography, sculpture, sound
(work in progress)

“Ogni dove. Al principio era una isla” is an ongoing research project about the relation between landscape, desire, and belonging. It focuses on the visualization of “places of affection”, real or imagined dream places, where we find our inner landscape.

Starting from my origins I was first investigated on the imaginary of Sicily viewed from outside, through the collection of interviews and photos of Sicilians in Belgium.
Over time the project unlinked from the concept of home as the place of origin and, it extended to any place. In a more abstract sense, it’s now a personal and plural voice speaking about unconditional love.

The work, still in progress, will be structured into two parts: a mixed media installation and a website.

Variable dimension
Photography printed on canvas fabric and Metal (video)

Sculpture / Metal
Variable dimension