Thank you for the abstract, thank you for the concrete
13 July 2019

Thank you for the abstract, thank you for the concrete

2016 – Rotterdam

Research (work in progress)
Sketches: documentation of the process

The project focuses on the “image of the city” of Rotterdam and its possible deconstruction, in order to re-reading and re-appropriate it. It moves from a reflection on the concept the “city” inside the city, and in particular, on how contemporary cities, especially if global, can constitute a border itself.

I focused on the De Rotterdam, a building that is historically part of the internationalization of the image of Rotterdam as World City Port.

I wanted to go deep into the surface of this ‘image’, to grasp both the ‘abstract’, unreal aspect of the city and the physical side. So, I used the camera as a scanner to capture the interior surfaces of De Rotterdam.

Then, I constructed a scaled model of the building, by using a paper building template, in which I replaced the exterior facades with these images of materials that I previously took.

From there, I built these paper towers, making them huff and puff down, and reconstruct the building like in a loop.

I wanted to question both the vulnerability of individuals and the vulnerability of the economy and finance, often unmentioned and idealized.